Friday, April 27, 2012


Rammellzee Letter Racers hanging in the MOMA

"Rammellzee has been called a “vampire eating a bacon double cheeseburger.” An enigmatic presence in New York’s downtown art scene, he wasn’t just another crazy guy with three pairs of Geordi La Forge glasses perched on his very busy skull. He imagined train cars linking different phrases, a sort of “Conjunction Junction” on aerosol fumes. He sharpened graffiti’s Wild Style letter-arrows into barbs and harpoons, a defense mechanism (he called it “armamentation”) against other subway writers and the control-freakish tendencies of language itself, which Rammellzee traces to bubonic plague–era archbishops attempting to dunce the peasantry."

-excerpt from THIS great article about Rammellzee in the Paris Review.

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